Winter’s Beautiful Things


This blog has been quiet, so I’ll give you a lil’ recap. :) I’m excited about a trip to Israel planned for this spring! (Yes!!! I have a ticket!!!! I’m amazed at how the Father has brought this about! :D) I’m also still loving being a babysitter, spending time with family & friends, and simply living life day by day.

I continue to be amazed by the beautiful things around me.

Yeshua is so good.

Here’s a little of winter’s beauty:

one of those random moments when you’re standing in the kitchen and you discover a piece of art:

Red Carnation

colorful pens & pencils in a jar

bundling up to write poetry in the cold

thrift store shopping

Saturday night game nights

bright yellow yarn (‘cuz it brings sunshine to my winter)

crocheting & listening to Audrey Assad music

my sister restoring our great-grandma’s quilt:

AG's Quilt

fluffy snowflakes falling (those are special ’round here ;)

late-night baking

late-night snacks

laughs with Uncle Dave & Aunt Debbie

“Visit many books, but live in the Bible” C. H. Spurgeon

my dad who volunteers to do dishes

starting off Sabbath with a steamy mug of tea

a walk through the woods on Sabbath morning:

IMG_3541-001people that live life passionately

family hugs

♫ can’t live a day with out you ♫

prayers that are already being answered

when the sun comes out

new blue walls

praise in Romanian:
(do you recognize the tune? :)

What are some beautiful things that you’ve enjoyed this winter?

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4 thoughts on “Winter’s Beautiful Things

  1. Joy, glad you appreciate all the beauty our Lord puts before you. He is such a creator isn’t He? Today was especially pretty wasn’t it? The sunsets are beautiful too. Hope and pray you are o.k. with those wisdom teeth. We have been praying for you. Hope to see you tomorrow even if it is going to be cold. ahava, Janice F

    1. Dear Miss Janice,

      Yes! He is such a great Creator! It was a pretty day today (I like the sunshiny days too). :) Thank you so much for your prayers. I look forward to seeing y’all tomorrow. Ahava & Shabbat Shalom! :)

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