The Little Chief Band

Little Chief: Lion's Den

Let me introduce you to one of my favorite bands right now–Little Chief.

As of yesterday, I’m the happy owner of their latest album, Lion’s Den. (But I’ve been pumped about their music for a little while now.)

Even though it’s summer right now, I feel like the album fits the season of autumn the best. I can imagine listening to it while driving through winding mountain roads–windows down, a cool breeze blowing, and colorful leaves falling from the trees towering above.

It’s down-to-earth music, the kind that could be played with only a guitar and voices around a campfire.

That’s the type of music that I’ve been enjoying the most lately–the simple yet amazing stuff.

So if you’d like, you can check out this indie-folk band too, and tell me what you think.

All their music is streamed for free on Bandcamp:

Little Chief–Bandcamp

Three cheers for folk!

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