Summer, Fall, Winter & Random Thoughts

Sunshine Through the Trees

It’s September, friends.

Can you believe it?

Fall is soon approaching.

I love fall. But fall has one problem. After fall, comes winter.

And winter is something I dread.

I hate to admit it, but it’s true. I have been mourning the loss of the green grass and the sunshine and leaf-filled trees for a little while now, and dreading the cold and the gray. I know I have no right to complain about winters in Alabama. Even if I lived in Alaska, complaining wouldn’t do any good, but still I have this dread.

Tree in Blue

As silly as it may seem, underneath my dread for winter I see a disposition that too often troubles me. I have a tendency to worry about losing what I love when I should be enjoying it with all my heart. This preoccupation with future ‘”dread”  is a sneaky critter. He wriggles his way into joyful moments and worries me with some future misery that he convinces me is sure to happen. What goes up, must come down, right? When I’m so thrilled with life, surely there’s something sad about to happen to zap my enthusiasm.

It’s nonsense really–worrying about the future–because it doesn’t do any good.  But it’s also incredibly human, and something we all have to struggle with, regardless of the facts:

Dreading the cold doesn’t make the winter any warmer. It only steals the sunshine today.

Worrying about the future doesn’t prepare me to face it. It only steals my joy today.

Fall Hike

I want to enjoy the last days of summer for as long as they last. And when fall comes along, I want to savor its beauty. I want to take walks through the woods and discover colorful and unique leaves. I want to enjoy the cool breeze that allows me to wear a jacket again. And I want to make memories with my family and friends as we celebrate the fall feasts together (Yom Teruah is right around the corner!).

I want to enjoy the seasons as they come to me, because that is the way that the Creator made this earth to be. It’s the way He made our lives to be also. Life changes. There’s the good times, the rough times, and the in-between times. But all along Yahweh is faithful. He is good. He never changes. And He wants to bring us peace.

I don’t want winter to cloud my sunshine.

I don’t want worry to steal my joy.

Today I want to cherish the beauty of the season and be thankful for my many blessings.

Summer Rain

So here’s a few things that I’m thankful for:.

Living Waters, by Brother Yun–This book is incredible! I just might do a book review when I finish reading it.

Living Language Hebrew–because it’s an amazing program for the price tag, and it actually works for me.

27 days (and counting!) till Israel!

This morning–Walking in the damp grass. Seeing how the droplets of dew glitter silver and gold in the sunshine. I’d write a poem about it, if I had the words to describe it.

tobyMac music–because its good and fun and makes me happy. Especially this song:

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8 thoughts on “Summer, Fall, Winter & Random Thoughts

  1. Joy, I enjoyed your blog so much. You are very dear to me. Nature to you is incredible and nothing can replace it because it is created by our Creator. He knows all our mind and He has our best in store. Thanks again. You all have a nice trip. We will miss you but you will be in our prayers. Hope to see you the following week. Ahava, Janice and Grady

    1. Awww…Thank you, Miss Janice, for your sweet comment and your prayers. Yahweh is so good to us, and gives us a beautiful world to live in and precious family in Messiah to enjoy it with! :) Ahavah v’Shalom! ~ Joy <3

  2. Thanks, Joy, for posting this. This quote in particular really resonated with me:

    Worrying about the future doesn’t prepare me to face it. It only steals my joy today.

  3. Thank you for posting this… I seem to have the same problem of dreading the future and worrying… This has been encouraging, though. :)

    1. Shalom Emma,
      I’m so glad that this post was encouraging to you. I think it’s pretty typical for us ladies to worry about the future. It’s something that I really want Yahweh to help me not do so much though! He holds our futures in His hands. Nothing that happens in this world, takes Him by surprise….It’s safe to say, “we can trust Him.” :)

  4. I needed to read this message. When one’s heart gets lost in grief, one stops noticing that there is still much beauty to be found in so many things….
    Thanks Joy, for the reminder that even when things look bleak, the sun will shine again…

    1. Dear Miss Nancy,
      It is a blessing to know that this post encouraged you! Yes, it is only in Yeshua that we can still have hope even when things look bleak. <3

      Sending you a big hug! Love you! ~Joy

      "Do not fear, for I have redeemed you. I have called you by your name, you are mine. When you pass through the waters, I am with you; and through the rivers, they do not overflow you. When you walk through fire, you are not scorched, and a flame does not burn you. For I am YHVH your Elohim, the Set-apart One of Israel, your Savior."

      (Isaiah 43:1b-3a)

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