Something New: Cherry Tree Poet

Cherry Tree Poet

As I’ve mentioned before,  I’ve recently discovered a fascination for poetry.

I love the way that words sing and my heart sings along too.

I love free verse and rhyme.

I love long, well-crafted poems that leave me in awe of my Creator who spoke melodies and words and rhythms into existence.

And even though I know very little about poetry, I’m not going to let that stop me from trying my hand at it too.

Thus I have started the Cherry Tree Poet.

It’s my adventure into the world of poetry, and a journal of some of the random poems that I will write along the way. At the moment it seems that I’m only capable of short poems, but perhaps that’s the best place to start. So in addition to this blog, you can also find me happily scribbling little poems on the Cherry Tree Poet.

Here’s one of my favorites so far: Heart in the Sky

Heart in the Sky

How about you…Do you like writing poetry? What’s your favorite verse form?

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2 thoughts on “Something New: Cherry Tree Poet

  1. Joy, thanks for letting me be a part of your poetry. You have so many talents so we never know what will be next for you. This was refreshing and I love the cherry tree. Thanks so much for sharing. Missed you the past Sabbath but know you were enjoying yourself. love you, Janice F.

    1. Dear Miss Janice,

      Aww….I’m glad that the poems could be a blessing to you! I look forward to seeing you both this next Sabbath (Yah willing!) Love you too! ~ Joy

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