I Dream of Spring


I dream of spring, when the world turns green again.

I dream of playing my guitar outside in the sunshine and listening to the birds twittering in the treetops.

I dream of something else that spring will bring too.

High school graduation.

In many ways my senior year has been my best year of school. Perhaps knowing that I’m about to graduate causes me to enjoy it more. I’ve learned so much, studied hard, and can now see the finish line in sight. Life is about to change.

But will it really change that much?

I won’t stop learning and growing and studying–that’s a way of life for me. But soon I’ll be able to study what I love–writing and the great art of fiction.

But for now, it’s still winter, and I’m snuggling up with blankets to keep warm and reading my many school books, like a good little student.

I see spring smiling in the distance, and I can’t wait to greet her.

How about you…Are you dreaming of spring?

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2 thoughts on “I Dream of Spring

    1. 12 days away…Wow! That’s fantastic. I know you guys are going to have a great time! Can’t wait to see all the pictures. :)

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