I Can’t Stop Listening to This Song

photo from pixshark.com

Ever since last Wednesday, when I discovered Brandon Heath’s song “When You Look at Me,” I’ve listened to it every day (and sometimes several times a day).

The song feels like summer. And despite the fact that it was snowing outside my window, the imagery of redemption in the chorus resonated with my soul.:

It’s like I’m barefoot running through a golden field
Like a child that’s how you make me feel
Oh Lord when You look at me

It’s like I’m twelve feet tall without a care
Your forgiveness feels like floating on air
Oh Lord when You look at me

I love happy music that glorifies my Savior. It fills me with joy and reminds me of what Yahweh has done in my life.

It’s like the weight of the world falls off of me
And I can just be who You’ve made me to be
Oh Lord when You look at me

It makes me want to dance.

What’s one of your favorite happy songs?

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