Autumn’s Beauty

So many things have made this autumn beautiful. I’ve been filling my Beautiful Things journal more than ever before. It’s such a happy lil’ book that reminds me of Yahweh’s goodness in my life.

November Morning
photo by Jay (

Here’s some of those beautiful things:

road trips & staring out the window
(We spent Thanksgiving week with my grandparents in Florida.)

Driving West

shades of autumn along the highway

a bright orange, chert path cutting through a field and into the woods

a chilly day at the beach
(and how peaceful it is)

Sun Setting at the Beach

endless waves

singing and collecting seashells along the beach

the moon rising in the clear, blue sky

♫ Somebody Else’s Story ♫

sibling laughter

Grandpa’s jokes

a triple-long Thanksgiving table


giving thanks together

Shining Stars Magazine

Amy Grace surprising me with a random sticky note in Spanish


a world map on my wall

World Map

Keep a Quiet Heart by Elisabeth Elliot

old hymns

sharing music with friends

♡ sisters by heart ♡

Sweet Home Alabama
(It really is a beautiful state.)


beautiful weather in December

sunset on Erev Shabbat with Garrels’ music

a dreamy green pasture

starry nights

praying in the rain

“Let Your kindness and Your truth always watch over me.” 

Grateful Heart

What are some beautiful things that you’re grateful for today?

P.S. I’ve been enjoying this artist’s music lately. I love how he sings so passionately about Yeshua Messiah and the land of Israel. (Plus, he has the chords for all his songs on his website.) This song is a wonderful reminder to trust Yeshua and follow Him.

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2 thoughts on “Autumn’s Beauty

  1. Joy, glad to see you so thankful. We are not enough, I know I am not. Everything he gives us is for our own good. Yah has so many children and yet each one is so precious to him. He left the 90 and 9 and went to the one who needed him so much. He gave us life and continues to be with us. He is there whenever we call on Him. He is above everyone in our lives. He is a jealous Yah too, if we are going after things that will harm us. Joy, glad you are in our lives. Have a blessed week. ahava, Janice Freeland

    1. Thank you for this comment, Miss Janice. In some situations, I have to really remind myself to be thankful, but what you said is so true–Yahweh is a good Father, and everything He does is for our good! It always touches my heart to hear you and Mr. Grady share how thankful you are for Yeshua when we have thankfulness time on Sabbath. Your love for Yeshua is so refreshing!!! :) Ahava~Joy

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