The Writer’s Manifesto

photo by amandahantas
photo by amandahantas

There’s something impressive about holding a nine hundred page novel in your hands. You feel its weight and think, how could anyone write something so big? Our natural response is to consider it a masterpiece, even if we never read past the first chapter.

But sometimes a masterpiece can be something small. Sometimes a few words can say so much. Sometimes it only takes one sentence to change someone’s life.

That’s why I consider Jeff Goins’ e-book “The Writer’s Manifesto” a small masterpiece. It can be read in five minutes, but taken to heart, it can revolutionize a writer’s perspective on writing.

“Real writers don’t write for recognition. They don’t do it for fame, accolades, or notoriety. They do it because they cannot not write.”

–The Writer’s Manifesto

If you love to write, I’d encourage you to head over to Jeff’s blog Goins, Writer and get a free copy of “The Writer’s Manifesto” by subscribing to the newsletter. (I’ve just begun to explore this blog, but what I’ve seen so far has been amazing.)

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