The Window Shade


I was standing in my room, looking at the window shade that wouldn’t rise higher than halfway up my window. For many months, the shade had needed an adjustment. Since I wasn’t tall enough to do the job myself, I had decided I would ask my dad to fix it, but I had never gotten around to asking him. Suddenly, it dawned on me–If I stood on a chair, I would be tall enough to fix it myself. I was amused by the fact that I had not thought of that before. It only took me a couple of minutes to fix the problem. As the blind lifted up to the top of the window, the afternoon sunlight streamed in and brightened up my entire room. I stood there amazed at the transformation. I could now see the full view outside my window. I couldn’t believe I had put off fixing it for so long.

So often in life, we ignore the little things that need attention. We focus on the big problems, the glaring needs, when it’s sometimes the simple tasks, such as fixing a window shade, that can do so much to brighten our lives. Do you have something in your life shading you from seeing beauty? May I encourage you to lift up the shade today, and let the light brighten your life.


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