The Two Finger Piano Song

A few months back, I began experimenting with a unique way of playing piano. I started playing songs with only my two index fingers.

I shared my new style with my brother. He liked it so much that he laughingly suggested I cut off my other eight fingers. (Who needs them anyway?)

Well, I’m not that committed to two finger piano playing, but it is a fun challenge.

Playing with two fingers has some advantages over playing piano the traditional way. For me, it improves creativity, switches things up a bit, and brings out a fresh sound in my music. Plus, when I start to play with all ten fingers again, they run across the keys like released prisoners, happy to have their freedom back.

As you suspected, this Monday’s song is–ta ta ta-da!–The Two Finger Piano Song. Here is a link to the YouTube video: The Two Finger Piano Song

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6 thoughts on “The Two Finger Piano Song

    1. lol! :) Yep! It’s the real deal! Amy’s piano teacher moved and was not able to take the piano with them since they can’t fit it in their temporary apartment. So they’ve loaned it to us for about a year. :) I’m getting spoiled now!

  1. Joy, I love your piano playing (: Especially with the two finger style. You did a really great job! You’re doing great, keep it up!! I love the sound of the “real” piano (: LOL

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