Silence. That’s a word that is rarely heard.

Someone I know recently noted that our culture dislikes silence. I’ve been pondering that lately, and I think it’s true.

We live in a noisy culture where it’s easy to get trapped in the clamor and difficult to find silence. Sometimes it’s hard to stop, turn off the noise, and truly think about life.

In silence the heart speaks. What we love, what we fear, what we doubt, and what we believe all comes to the surface. In silence we can see more clearly who we are.

Why does our culture run from silence? Perhaps it is scared to see what it really is.

Just a thought.

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This Monday’s song is an original composition called “Silence.” Even though it has a contradictory title (a song can’t be silent), it’s a reflective piece that I’m dedicating to the importance of silence. Here is the MP3: Silence

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