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Encouragement for your walk with God

Photo: Jessica Silversaga
Photo: Jessica Silversaga

Faith Beyond the Letter

This wonderful blog shares the Gospel through a Hebraic mindset, and how it’s the central message of the Old and New Testiments.

His Mercy is New

This blog will encourage your love for God’s Word, with it’s free printable prayer guides and Bible journaling inspiration. Incredible little corner of the Interent!

Girl Defined

If your looking for encouragement and biblical insight in purity, modesty, and friendships with guys, this site is a wonderful resource.

Summit Ministries

In 2013 I had the privilege of attending a Summit Worldview Conference in Tennessee. Those two weeks were life-changing, and have shaped so much of my walk with God. For anyone who is considering attending college or simply wants to know how to defend your biblical worldview in a world that is adamantly against it, attending a Summit conference will be an incredible encouragement. You can also sign up for their newsletter and get many wonderful resources from a biblical perspective on modern culture, current events, and apologetic training.

Book Reviews

Bible Quote

Here are some of my favorites….

The Bible is a given. :)


Kisses From Katie

Kisses From Katie by Katie Davis
A story of selfless love and redemption in an Ugandan village.

My Heart in His Hands: Ann Judson of Burma by Sharon James
The sobering and inspiring biography of “America’s first woman missionary”

Ten P’s in a Pod by Arnold Pent III
The hilarious and uplifting story of one of America’s first modern home school families.


Number the Stars

Number the Stars by Lois Lowry
An captivating tale of a Danish family who protect their Jewish neighbors during World War II. (children’s book)

A Gathering of Days; A New England Girl’s Journal (1830-32) by Joan Blos
An easy, enjoyable read that took me back in time. (children’s book)

Behold the Dawn by K.M. Weiland
An epic tale of justice and mercy set during the Crusades.

Song of Acadia” Series by Janette Oke & T. Davis Bunn
A well-written, dramatic, and heartwarming series set 18th century Canada.


Keep a Quiet Heart

Keep a Quiet Heart by Elisabeth Elliot
An encouraging collection of some of Elliot’s best works from her newsletter.

Passion & Purity by Elisabeth Elliot
Wonderful book on bringing romantic emotions under God’s control.

Living Waters by Brother Yun
Powerful sermons from a man who has suffered much in China for the Good News.

The Live Dead Journal by Dick Brogden
Amazing book written by over 30 missionaries (mostly from Africa and the Middle East), sharing stories and lessons that will challenged and encourage your faith.

Assumptions That Affect Our Lives by Dr. Christian Overman
Another book on the contrast between Hebrew and Greek thinking and how it affects our behavior and culture. Highly interesting!

Amusing Ourselves to Death by Neal Postman
An insightful critique on modern day culture’s obsession with entertainment and media–and the affects of it–as foreseen by Postman in the 1980s.

Tactics by Gregory Koukl
An excellent handbook to logical thinking and apologetic tactics for defending biblical convictions.

Learning Hebrew

photo from pinterest.com
photo from pinterest.com

Everyone has preferences and certain learning styles that work best for them, so I hope that this will help you to find resources that best match your learning style.

-Free Resources-

(“The Best Free Hebrew Resources Online”)

Hebrew-English Online Dictionary

Free Hebrew Courses

Free Hebrew Flashcards
(with the option of making your own flashcards as well!)

Hebrew Board on Pinterest

-Hebrew Learning Method Reviews-

Living Language Hebrew

Very affordable and well-rounded learning method, with audio and visual (encouraging speaking and reading). I’d highly recommend it for those wanting to learn Modern Hebrew. There’s a few flaws in the book, but overall, very good, and you can’t beat the price. (I have yet to complete this course)


This is an excellent resource for auditory learners. Most of the Hebrew I know is a result of this method, because it “clicked” with me. Highly recommend for conversational Hebrew.

Rosetta Stone

This method did not work well for me. It follows an “immersion” style of learning, that did not adequately explain grammar, leading me to feel confused and unable to speak conversationally (though it did teach vocabulary).

Learn Hebrew Pod.com

Excellent resource with audio and visual (encountering speaking and reading). The struggle I had with this program is that it has so many features (quizzes, games, videos, PDF’s) that I felt overwhelmed. For someone who enjoys listening to podcasts and interactive learning, this might be a great option for learning to speak and read Modern Hebrew.


Tongue of the Prophets by Robert St. John

This biography tells the amazing story of a man who dedicated his life to restoring the Hebrew language from a “dead language” to a living one. A wonderful and inspiring read for anyone who loves the Hebrew language.

Hebrew Word Pictures by Frank T. Seekins

This is a fascinating book on Biblical/Hebraic concepts shown through the word pictures hidden inside Hebrew words. Amazing!

Connecting to Israel
(even if you live across the ocean)

Kehila News Israel

News reports from Israel by Messianic Jews

Intercessors for Israel (weekly prayer points)

This is a wonderful resource to help know how to pray for Israel each week, and also to keep up-to-date on current events.

Hananya Naftali’s YouTube Channel

Awesome videos by a Christian Israeli solider who’s desire is to share truth and love for Israel.

Knitting Hats for IDF Soldiers

If you’re a knitter, this is a fun way to bless those serving the country.

Israel Board on Pinterest

Prayer Guides & Inspiration

Not my will but Yours be done. Luke 22:49:

Sisters on Our Knees

Together, a friend and I co-blog on prayer, sharing prayer inspiration and testimonies.

Prayer Pinterest Boards

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    I was wondering if you’d be interested in writing a post for Parashah Messiah?

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