Rainy Mornings, Gungor, & Inspiration

A Dreary Sring Morning

It was a rainy spring morning. The sun hid behind gray clouds as I stood in the quiet kitchen, humidity seeping through the open windows. I could hear the birds chirping outside, their cheery songs lilting through the damp air.

I had a sudden inspiration.

It was the perfect time to listen to Gungor’s album Ghosts Upon the Earth. (Although I don’t endorse all of Gungor’s music, I do enjoy most of their songs on this album.)

I turned on the album and reveled in the beginning strains of “Let There Be.” As I continued to listen, I realized that it truly was the perfect match for the rainy morning. It harmonized with the birds outside and turned my thoughts to Creation–the beginning–the vast empty space brought to life by the the Creator’s simple, revolutionary words:

Let there be…

It’s moments like that when I’m struck by the transcendent beauty of music. Suddenly something I’ve listened to so many times before comes alive in some amazing way. It’s not just reaching my ears anymore. It’s resonating with my very being.


That’s what the artist feels when he plays a song with all his heart. And that is what I feel when I allow my heart to get carried away too.

The sky brightens, the birds sing along–and suddenly–music bursts to life.

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