In Everything You Do

This morning I was greeted by Jenny & Tyler’s newly released music video, “In Everything You Do.”

The song is written for their little girl, Jane.

It’s simple.
It’s beautiful.
And It’s comforting.

The song reminds me of our heavenly Father’s devotion to His children.

He doesn’t promise happiness.
He doesn’t promise all the answers.
But what He does promise is what is important.

Unconditional love.
Abundant life.

These are what make…

A world so full of wonder
Full of laughter, full of life

Thank you Jenny & Tyler for sharing your song of devotion.

What’s a song that brings you comfort?

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2 thoughts on “In Everything You Do

  1. My word, I cried through that whole song. How beautiful! As for a song that brings me comfort, I’ve been really enjoying “Gently, Gently” by Nathan Clark George.

    1. Aww…Britney…Yes, when I heard that song, I really wanted to write something about it and share it. Just too beautiful to overlook.

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