Homeschool Jokes

Homeschool Joke
The most awesome school uniforms ever

After referencing homeschool jokes in a draft I was writing, I did some “necessary research” on the subject. A quick Google search led me to this hilarious list of homeschool jokes. Here are some of my favorites from the list:

You must be homeschooled if…

You are unaware of the current fads, fashions, and slang terms. (Yup. Pretty much.)

Someone asks what grade you’re in and you’re not sure. (You mean I can only pick one? Gasp!)

Your school bus is a nine-passenger van. (Don’t forget the Bible verse on the back window!)

Your favorite place to study is outside, under a tree. (Where else?)

Of course these are just stereotyped jokes, but they still crack me up. What’s funny is how many of the jokes I actually relate to. I’m not even afraid to admit that. Ah! I love being homeschooled.

But the “Best Homeschool Joke Award” must go to Blimey Cow and their videos “You Might Be a Homeschooler If..”

As if the first video wasn’t enough, they made a second video. And then a third. (They’re overachieving homeschoolers after all.)

So there you have it–a little homeschool humor to brighten your day or just make you shake your head.

Have you ever cracked a homeschool joke?

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3 thoughts on “Homeschool Jokes

  1. Actually, my favorite place to study was on top of the refrigerator. No joke. Somehow I could always think clearer in the thinner high-altitude air :). It even carried over to college, when the observant might have spotted me climbing up on a deep empty TV ledge in the dorm lounge to study.

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