Hairstyle Tutorial: Side Ponytail with a Braid

If you haven’t noticed already, my blog is pretty random. I post recipes, patterns, stories, songs, and as of today, hairstyles.

Hopefully I will have many more hairy inspirations to share in the future, but I can’t promise too much. I’m pretty laid back when it comes to cosmetics and styling my hair. Most days I let my hair dry naturally and clip it away from my face in the classic half-up half-down style. I also try to stay away from straighteners and curling irons due of their damaging affect on my hair.

And make-up. Well, I don’t usually mess with that either. Occasionally I wear mascara, but I can’t remember the last time that was. I guess I like just looking natural. Looking real. Looking like the girl that God made me. Not that there’s anything wrong with make-up, I’m just not into that right now.

But enough about me, and more about this hairstyle. It’s simple enough that even I can do it. And it’s also long-lasting. (It survived two action-packed Krav Maga classes the other night, all the while keeping my hair out of the way.) Too cool.

Side Ponytail with a Braid

Click on the photo to enlarge it.

1) Clip the front section of your hair away; pull the rest of your hair into a low side ponytail.
2) Using your fingers, make a hole right above the hairband. Flip the ponytail through the hole you formed. (Flipping it under, not over)
3) Let down the front section of your hair and braid it. Loosen the braid with your fingers.
4) Pull the braid through the slit in the ponytail.
5) Hold the ponytail and braid in place and carefully slide the hairband off.
6) Refasten the hairband, and you’re done!

This hairstyle is an adpation of Braided Topsy Tail

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