Changing Seasons


Sometimes it is hard to transition into the different seasons of our lives. It is tough to say good-bye to fall and embrace winter. Some seasons in our lives are more joyful and fun, and we naturally wish that they could last forever. But life is full of seasons, not just the four seasons of each year, but also the many seasons–happy, sad, triumphant, and difficult ones–that make us who we are.


Living life to its fullest to me means living the life that God has called you to live. He has a calling for everyone, and each calling is unique and special. As we follow that calling, God takes us through many different seasons. Some of those seasons are full of sunshine and flowers, and some are full of cold wind and barren trees. What is important to remember is that God orchestrates every season of our lives. Just as He directs the blossoms to bloom in the spring, the warmth to come in the summer, the leaves to fall in the autumn, and the cold to come in the winter, so He also directs every season of our lives. We are never alone. He is always with us.


No matter what season you are in right now, I hope that you can feel God’s guidance in your life. We are all here for a reason. Each season is a gift. The winter won’t last forever, but neither will the summer. Look for the beauty in life. Cherish each season, and remember the One who holds the seasons in His hands.


Going along with the theme of this post is this Monday’s song that I composed entitled, “Changing Seasons.” I hope that you enjoy the song and the beautiful pictures taken by my brother Jay.

The YouTube link: Changing Seasons

The MP3: Changing Seasons

Happy Seasons!


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