Won Me Over

Photo by Jay Williams (dview.us)

Lately I’ve been enjoying the song “Won Me Over” by Audrey Assad.

One of my favorite lines is…

Running from you is running to you
You’re everywhere, I couldn’t escape you

Think about that for a little bit.

The idea of Yahweh being everywhere, that even when we’re running from Him, we’re running to him. The more we run, the more broken we are, and the more we know that we need him. It’s the motion of mercy. We can’t escape His love.

I was full of fear and prone to wander,
lost & lonely till the day you won me over.

What’s a song that you’ve been enjoying lately?

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4 thoughts on “Won Me Over

  1. Thank you for sharing, Joy! This weekend’s sermon at our church had a similar message: God cares about each individual. He’s never too busy or uninterested in what we may be going through, no matter how big or small. He loves us, even when we don’t love ourselves enough. Even when we want to run away from our situation, we always end up running into Him.

    Lots of Love and Hugs from Albuquerque! :)

    – Estefanía

    1. Thank you, Miss Estefania. :) I love how you said that–“we always end up running into Him.” That’s so true.

      Lots of Love and Hugs from Alabama! Miss you!

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