My Dear Piano (a silly post)

Sometimes you’ve just gotta laugh.

When I hear a piano that sounds like this….

It’s hard not to cringe, even if it is my very first piano ever. {awwww….}

Now….before you judge my dear piano too much, I’m gonna defend it.

Sure it’s almost an antique, and it might sound like a steel drum, but it’s not that bad. Personally, I think the scuffed wood, peeling felt, and missing knob, etc., adds to its charming personality. And all pianos should have plenty of personalty (just saying).

Alrighty, so yes, I’m in a silly mood.

But in all seriousness, I have hope for this piano. All it needs is a piano tuning (or two) and some tender loving care.


Time will tell, and I’ll keep you posted with future songs if I’m correct.

Regardless, I’m thankful for it. And I’m thankful for my dad and brother who courageously moved it in all its awkward glory.  I’m also thankful for my oldest brother who cleaned all the keys, and for our friend who scoured the Internet to find out how old it is. (It was born in ’67, just so ya know.)

Everyone has been so helpful.

It’s already getting the tender loving care it so deserves.

Welcome to your new home, dear piano. I like you already.

My New Piano

New Piano Song: Spring Bloom

I think I’m enjoying the beauty of spring more this year than ever before. I’ve been spending more time outside under the cheery tree in the backyard–sitting down and reading a good book or strumming my guitar.


And even though some days are rainy, and sometimes the cold creeps back, the world around me gets greener and greener everyday.

It’s spring. That’s something worth celebrating.

So here is my latest song celebrating this delightful season.

YouTube: Spring Bloom

Hillsong: Forever Reign

Certain praise songs lend themselves more naturally into piano compositions than others. “Forever Reign” is one that I’ve found to transfer well. I particularly enjoy playing the bridge of the song that repeats and gradually builds into the chorus once again. Even without singing the words, I can still hear the chorus ringing in my heart:

“Oh I’ll run into Your arms
I’ll run into Your arms
The riches of Your Love
will always be enough
Light of the World
forever reign”

I hope you enjoy this Monday’s song: Forever Reign (Piano Cover)

The Two Finger Piano Song

A few months back, I began experimenting with a unique way of playing piano. I started playing songs with only my two index fingers.

I shared my new style with my brother. He liked it so much that he laughingly suggested I cut off my other eight fingers. (Who needs them anyway?)

Well, I’m not that committed to two finger piano playing, but it is a fun challenge.

Playing with two fingers has some advantages over playing piano the traditional way. For me, it improves creativity, switches things up a bit, and brings out a fresh sound in my music. Plus, when I start to play with all ten fingers again, they run across the keys like released prisoners, happy to have their freedom back.

As you suspected, this Monday’s song is–ta ta ta-da!–The Two Finger Piano Song. Here is a link to the YouTube video: The Two Finger Piano Song

Changing Seasons


Sometimes it is hard to transition into the different seasons of our lives. It is tough to say good-bye to fall and embrace winter. Some seasons in our lives are more joyful and fun, and we naturally wish that they could last forever. But life is full of seasons, not just the four seasons of each year, but also the many seasons–happy, sad, triumphant, and difficult ones–that make us who we are.


Living life to its fullest to me means living the life that God has called you to live. He has a calling for everyone, and each calling is unique and special. As we follow that calling, God takes us through many different seasons. Some of those seasons are full of sunshine and flowers, and some are full of cold wind and barren trees. What is important to remember is that God orchestrates every season of our lives. Just as He directs the blossoms to bloom in the spring, the warmth to come in the summer, the leaves to fall in the autumn, and the cold to come in the winter, so He also directs every season of our lives. We are never alone. He is always with us.


No matter what season you are in right now, I hope that you can feel God’s guidance in your life. We are all here for a reason. Each season is a gift. The winter won’t last forever, but neither will the summer. Look for the beauty in life. Cherish each season, and remember the One who holds the seasons in His hands.


Going along with the theme of this post is this Monday’s song that I composed entitled, “Changing Seasons.” I hope that you enjoy the song and the beautiful pictures taken by my brother Jay.

The YouTube link: Changing Seasons

The MP3: Changing Seasons

Happy Seasons!


Loud Harp: Always With You

This Monday’s song is a piano cover of “Always With You” by Loud Harp. The song is one of my favorites on Loud Harp’s debut album. Sung from the perspective of God to His people, it consists of a simple chorus encouraging us to be still and know that He will never leave us:

Hush my dear

Do not fear what may come or what will go

Take it slow & you’ll know I am with you…


My piano cover is a shorter rendition of the original song, but it still holds to the basic melody. It is a peaceful song that my heart can sing along to as my fingers play. Here is the MP3: Always With You (Piano Cover)

P.S. Loud Harp has chord charts for all their songs (including this one) on their website: Loud Harp Music & Charts


Silence. That’s a word that is rarely heard.

Someone I know recently noted that our culture dislikes silence. I’ve been pondering that lately, and I think it’s true.

We live in a noisy culture where it’s easy to get trapped in the clamor and difficult to find silence. Sometimes it’s hard to stop, turn off the noise, and truly think about life.

In silence the heart speaks. What we love, what we fear, what we doubt, and what we believe all comes to the surface. In silence we can see more clearly who we are.

Why does our culture run from silence? Perhaps it is scared to see what it really is.

Just a thought.

Photo courtesy of my brother Jay at

This Monday’s song is an original composition called “Silence.” Even though it has a contradictory title (a song can’t be silent), it’s a reflective piece that I’m dedicating to the importance of silence. Here is the MP3: Silence

Introducing: Musical Mondays


I have an amazing talent for avoiding piano recitals. They terrify me. I don’t like them. I took piano lessons for about four years, had four different teachers, and was never in a recital.

My second piano teacher begged me to be in her recital. I was eleven at the time, a serious introvert, a relatively new pianist, and by no means excited at the thought of performing in front of others. Even though my younger sister chose to be in it, I happily sat in the audience on recital day.

Over the years I’ve gotten more comfortable with playing piano in front of others. I’ve learned to lighten up, enjoy the song, stumble through the mess ups, and simply play whatever my fingers decide to play. It usually turns out alright when my audience doesn’t know the song.

I realize that music is meant to be shared. That is why I strive to overcome my nervousness of playing music in front of others. That is also why I am starting Blog of Joy’s “Musical Mondays.” Every Monday I will try to share an original composition, or a piano cover of another song.

Photo courtesy of my brother Jay at

This Monday’s song is an original composition called “Sunshine.” Here’s the MP3: Sunshine

More music next Monday! :)