Beautiful Things

Beautiful Things Diary

A dear friend of mine (who blogs over here) has inspired me to keep a diary of beautiful things.

I’m always finding a new excuse to start a journal, and this idea I knew I couldn’t resist. Keeping a diary of beautiful things could brighten my life and cause me to be more observant and appreciative of the beauty around me.

Beautiful things remind me of my Maker’s heart. I love beautiful things, because He loves beautiful things too. Creation testifies to that. He could have placed us on a dull planet, but He placed us on this earth where we have oceans and deserts and hills and meadows.

So often beautiful things are free, just waiting to be discovered. It can be the way sunlight slips through Venetian blinds in the morning, or the way that a baby’s cheeks dimple when he smiles so big.

I want to keep these things close to my heart. I want to capture the art that the Maker has created. I want to bring Him praise.

There’s so many beautiful things yet to be discovered, here are some so far:

♫ You make beautiful things out of the dust ♫

The many shades of spring green

Trees towering into the sky

♫ Heaven’s Knife ♫

People smiling


Windblown hair

The way that skirts make me feel pretty and feminine

“We love Him, because He first loved us.”

The crisp evening breeze blowing through the kitchen window

The way the moon makes me feel small

Some reflections on growing older

This song & video:

How about you…What is something beautiful that you’ve discovered lately?