Short Stories

Life is An Ocean

Life is An Ocean (March 2014)

Life is an ocean. Vast. Deep. And powerful. You float along this ocean, sunning yourself on the deck of your little boat on blissful days, and hiding for cover when storms rage. Slowly the strip of land that marked the beginning of your passage slips from view. You become better acquainted with your vessel, learning how to ride the waves of life and survive the storms. You sail further and further into the heart of this vast ocean of life. And then one day (Continue reading)

A World Without Music

A World Without Music (September 2013)

I awakened to the obnoxious beep of my alarm clock instead of the usual cheery wake-up song. I could tell it was an odd morning. Not only was my alarm clock beeping, but I also couldn’t hear the customary sound of my sister playing piano in the other room. I stumbled out of my bedroom and glanced in the direction of the piano. It was gone. Panicked, I inspected where the piano had stood and found not a single music book laying around. I dashed back to my bedroom and discovered (Continue reading)


Amelia’s Awakening (January 2013)

David Callahan embraced his sobbing daughter. She had been so strong through the funeral, but now the tears fell unhindered. Her mother’s passing has all but crushed her, he mused as he stroked her auburn tresses. Mustering his strength, David lifted his daughter’s chin until her swollen, hazel eyes met his own. “Amelia,” he took a deep breath before continuing (Continue reading)

First and third pictures courtesy of Jay Williams (

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