Little Kimono Slippers

(shown above in size medium)

Skill Level: intermediate
Stitches Used: cast on, bind off, knit, purl, k3t, sssk
Abbreviations: knit (k), purl (p), knit three together (k3t), slip, slip, slip knit (sssk), place marker (pm)
Measures: girls’ sizes small (medium, large): 6 ½” (7 ½”, 8 ½”) long
Gauge: in stockinette stitches, 4 stitches and 5 rows = 1” by 1”


  • 1 skein Caron Simply Soft, iris – 315 yds (10% acrylic)
  • 1 skein Caron Simply Soft, rubine red – 315 yds (100% acrylic)
  • size 8 circular knitting needle (the circular needle is used for the stripe pattern)
  • yarn needle

-Slippers- (make 2)

  1. With iris, cast on 10 (12, 14)stitches.
  2. With rubine red, knit 1 row.
  3. Slide stitches to other end of needle, pick up iris, knit 1 row. (right side)
  4. Turn, pick up rubine red, purl 1 row. (wrong side)
  5. Slide stitches to other end of needle, pick up iris, purl 1 row, turn.
  6. Repeat numbers 2-5 till piece measures 5 ½” ( 6 ½”, 7 ½”), cut rubine red. (ending in a iris purl row)
  7. At beginning of row, cast on 20 (24, 28) stitches, knit to end. [30 (36, 42) stitches]
  8. At beginning of row, cast on 20 (24, 28) stitches, purl 24 (29, 34) stitches, pm, p2, pm, purl to end. [ 50 (60, 70) stitches]
  9. Work stockinette stitch for 6 (8, 10) more rows. (ending with a purl row)
  10. Knit 2 rows.
  11. Knit to 3 stitches before marker, sssk, k2, k3t, knit to end.
  12. Knit 1 row.
  13. Repeat numbers 11 and 12. [42 (52, 62) stitches]
  14. Bind off and weave in ends.
  • Sew slippers according to the diagram and additional pictures below. (click on pictures to enlarge) Reverse sewing for the opposite slipper.
  1. Sew G to D.
  2. Sew A over G & D.
  3. Sew B to C.
  4. Sew F to E

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12 thoughts on “Little Kimono Slippers

  1. Thank you for the wonderful pattern, I had this pattern for adult slippers and could never figure out how to sew them together, the pictures of the process are great! Now I am anxious to start making these for all my grandchildren, thanks again.

  2. Get an early start on your gifting this year with this beautiful accessory This is for the intermediate knitter You should know how to knit, purl, increase, decrease, cast on and cast off.

  3. I have been trying to figure out how to make small sizes for little ones and found this pattern. Thank you so very much. j

    1. Dear Jennifer,
      I apologize that the slippers don’t fit your daughter. Was your gauge different than in the pattern. Or perhaps it was too small of a size? I am sorry to hear this, and I hope that you can find a happy owner for them.

  4. Hi! I love these slippers so much! I made a baby version for my granddaughter and now I wan to make them for her mom. Any insight on adult sizing, a women’s size 8.

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