Favorite Stories of 2014


Behold the Dawn

1. Behold the Dawn by K.M. Weiland–An epic tale of justice and mercy set during the Third Crusades.

Long Fatal Love Chase


2. A Long Fatal Love Chase by Louisa May Alcott–A tragic suspense romance.

 Me & Georgette

3. Me & Georgette by D.B. Schaefer–A fun and unusual romance combining time travel, Judaism, and Regency England.

Biography & Memoir

Kisses From Katie

1. Kisses from Katie by Katie Davis–A story of relentless love and complete devotion.


2. Ten P’s in a Pod by Arnold Pent III–The hilarious and inspiring story of one of America’s first modern homeschool families.

Strawberry Point

3. Strawberry Point by Florence Roe Wiggins—A delightful collection of memoir vignettes celebrating old-fashioned America.

What are some of your favorite stories of 2014?

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