DIY Musical Border

DIY Musical Border

I love music.

So it’s only fitting that I have my room decorated with sheet music, right? :)

The idea came to me one day to have a musical border on the long wall in my room. I could only find one option for sale online though, and it was pricey.

It was time to get creative.

I found some songs that I’d printed out years ago and haven’t played in a long time (and didn’t know when I’d play them again), so I chose to “re-purpose” them. This border takes only a few supplies and not much time, and adds a lot of personality to a room (it would also be neat for a music room).

before and after

So without further adieu, here’s the tutorial:


Sheet music
Command Strips
Glue Stick


Command Stips

Cut the Command Strips into sixths as shown in the picture. (Since these strips are quite strong, they can be cut into sixths and still hold the paper quite well.)

Cut the Command Strips into sixths

Arrange 5-6 sheets of music as desired and glue the pieces together where they overlap with a glue stick. Continue making these sections of wallpaper until you have as many as needed for the length of your wall.Arrange the Sheet Music


Turn the sections of wallpaper over and adhere the pieces of command strips on every other sheet of music (or as needed).

Adhere the Command Strips

Adhere to the wall, section by section. (My sister stood at a distance and made sure it all lined up properly.) Glue the sections together where they overlap. Add additional pieces of Command Strip if needed.

DIY: Sheet Music Border

DIY: Sheet Music Border

DIY: Sheet Music Border

And…ta-da, you’ve made a musical border! :)

Do you enjoy making DIY decorations? What is your favorite project that you’ve made?

Super-Simple Upcycled T-Shirt Cowls


It all started one night when I had a sudden inspiration to turn an old T-shirt into a cowl.  I grabbed a pair of scissors and started cutting off the top of the T-shirt. The end result was super-simple and cute. I began to burrow through my reservoir of scrap T-shirts and started to transform them into cowls. Presto! I had three fun, new cowls in less then ten minutes. No sewing, and no skill required besides being able to cut a straight line–and it doesn’t even have to be perfectly straight! I was ecstatic!

Here’s how:

Lay the T-shirt out and cut across a few inches below the armhole.


Discard the top portion of the shirt and–Tada!–you have a cowl!